Choose a lucky number for your car

Number logic - important part of our lives. We constantly have to deal with numbers at home, at work, remember phone numbers and car numbers. When do we buy a car, you want very much that the number of the rooms have been ... happy. How to choose a good combination? Let's look at what the numbers are happy, and what is not, we shall understand the meaning of numbers.

The number "8" is considered the most auspicious and happy, especially for the eighth time on Feng Shui (2004-2024), in which we now live. The Chinese believe that eight brings wealth and prosperity. Eight symbolizes growth and development, and is interpreted as "immediate wealth here and now." So, it is no wonder the popularity of the number 8 in our time. My car Ford-Econoline had the perfect combination of "888" and really brought me a lot of luck.

The number "3" is generally considered favorable, because it symbolizes "life". Phonetically Cantonese 3-th sounds like sang and means to live. One of the popular combination of "328", which includes the top three. This combination means "an easy and successful way in business."

The number "6" is very favorable because it sounds like a bow, which means "profitable." In addition, it six- doubled a triple, which is interpreted as "a doubling of all that you have." If the number of your car, for example, "1368", which means "your wealth will be doubled all the time."

The numbers "1" and "9" are very successful. Unit symbolizes the unity and nine - longevity. These figures reinforce the favorable sense of the other lucky numbers such as "1998" or "1389".

The number "2" sounds like du or "easy". It is believed that it brings good luck, if located in front of other numbers, such as 23, 26 or 28. These combinations will mean a "slight increase", "easy income" and "easy prosperity and wealth", respectively. However, you should avoid the combination of 24, which is considered to be extremely unfavorable, because it sounds like "easy to die" - not what you want, right?!

The number "5" sounds like Nang or "will not". Most best - is combined with the four top-five. Since 4 sounds like "death", then 54 would mean "not dead". It is not necessary to combine the top 5 with other favorable numbers, as this would deny the luck.

The number "7" sounds like a chat and means "self." It is best to combine the 7-a-boo with 2 or 8, wherein the combination means "prosperity for sure." Avoid the combination of 7 with other unfavorable numbers, especially with the 4-tuple, because this combination will express "surely die."

The number "4" is the number, which all Chinese are trying to avoid, because they want to live happily ever after, because 4 in Cantonese means "death." However, the number 4 is not always adverse and unfortunate. For example, a combination of 48 extremely positive, because it means "wealth and prosperity in that whatever the cost." A combination of 43 means "even if you die, you will live." Remember important rule - never put 4 at the end of a numerical combination.