The process of buying and registration of the first cars in the USA

Probably all immigrants, recently arrived to the United States who are interested in buying cars. How and where to look, how much it costs. How to make a purchase and how to register the car itself.

To buy a car on credit, or lys in America need a credit history. The "fresh" immigrants do not have it, so the chances of obtaining a loan of almost unrealistic. Therefore, in this article I will explain how to buy a first car for a few thousand dollars.

process of buying and registration of the first cars

The first step is to find a seller. The car you can buy in autodealer that sell second-hand cars, and you can look for the owner. The best site, in my subjective opinion, for this is Craigslist. There you can search only the owners of cars can only dealers, but you can of both.

process of buying and registration of the first cars

After meeting with several owners, inspection machines, it's time to make a choice. To buy a car with it you need only money. You give the seller the money, it gives you a title. This title is a document confirming the ownership of the car. Owner in the title enter your name, the date of the transaction and the price for which he sold you the car.

In America, the license plates do not belong to the vehicle and the owner. Therefore, the seller takes the rooms, as well as without them you can not go, then there is need to negotiate. You can ask to deliver the car to your home and then pick up the numbers.

The next step is, buying insurance. For starters, you can look on the Internet sites of the companies involved in auto insurance in your state. Many companies offer fill in the questionnaire, the result of which is the price of insurance. Thus, by filling out the questionnaire in several insurance companies, choose the one that is cheaper, and buy insurance.

On a piece of paper printed by a title insurance company and go to the nearest DMV. They pay taxes, pay for the assignment of a new number. The procedure takes less than half an hour, and voila, the car is registered to you. You can go to home and cling to his own car license plate.

process of buying and registration of the first cars

The sticker on the room, which is the month and the year to which the tax is paid on the car. In Florida, it is about $70 per year (if I'm not mistaken). Month always coincides with the month of birth of the owner of the car.

After the purchase of cars with the hands, it is advisable to check it (or even better check before buying). The procedure costs about $20, and takes no more than half an hour.

P.S. All the above described procedure, taken from personal experience. Since I registered a car in Florida, you can not say that everything is exactly the same in other states. But, most likely, even if there is a difference, it is not significant.