USA design of cars plates, new trends

USA design of cars plates

Ken Carbone (New York, USA), the creative director of the design studio, considers obsolete currently in force in the US license plates. Therefore, he put forward a proposal to designers to design new USA numbers, giving them more advanced and modern look.

Studio «Carbone Smolan Agency», led by creative director Carbone (he is both a co-founder) is based in New York (USA). Carbone - one of the most respected designers of the country and its design principles are clear and well thought-out. He has successfully collaborated with such renowned companies as W.L Gore, Nonesuch Records, PBS, Christie's, Tiffany & Co., Herman Miller. Extend the idea of ​​designing new automobile numbers get started update its license plates, carried out in the state of New York.

Last month, the numbers with a new design saw the light, but the enthusiasm of the citizens they have not caused. Unattractiveness of the new design is considered about 80% of people who participated in the survey. Opinions are based, of course, on individual preferences, but in this situation, this position is fully supported by professional designers. Ken Carbone believes that this problem applies to all US states, and at the same number of New York State - not the worst. However, owners of motor vehicles still continue to support the technology and outdated design.

Over the past two decades, the design of license plates in the US shifted to the decorations. The consequence of adding decorative elements and the frequent use of different colors was a complication of the perception of the information, but the information content and functionality have undergone a qualitative change.

The current design of auto numbers all States

current design of auto numbers all states (USA)

In many states, license plates became spokesmen for their own image. For example, Washington state residents have invented more than 40 variants of their registration. The special design autonumbers can choose for themselves a Mason, a dancer or a fireman - and surrounding guess right, with whom they were dealing. Design innovation is a great way to replenish the state budget, however, such decisions are destructive.

Therefore I turned to Ken Carbone living in different states of designers to develop a new kind of car numbers for their staffs. As a result, non-State of Texas, for example, began to contain a number and the name of the state.

car license plates for the Texas

car license plates for the Texas - 2

A number of Illinois, in addition to rooms, a color bar codes that reflect the city, state, and the level of gas emissions. Barcodes can be read past the scanner, with a modern and dynamic numbers attached tilt elements.

car license plates for the Illinois

car license plates for the Illinois - 2

Alternative design license plate was created for the California: the horizontal area of ​​the room is divided into two parts, the top of which contains the name of the state update the region and license plate number, and the bottom - shows the availability of insurance, referred to political views, life principles and interests . Place for scanning a QR-code is provided on the top left.

car license plates for the California

car license plates for the California - 2

Design of car plates for the New York State has fulfilled himself Ken Carbone. Made from recycled metal license plate is minimalist and contains elements of high-tech style. Room contains only the most important information and elements of decorations available. The license plate is integrated microchip, which contains information and. It should be noted that similar technologies already exist in the world.

car license plates for the New York State

car license plates for the New York State - 2

Soon Ken Carbone expects a significant breakthrough in the design of license plates. Modern, technologically outdated license plates, long time do not correspond to the car's design. License plates, moreover, are no longer the exclusive carriers of registration data, and play in the life of the owners of a significant role. For example, in one of the social networks of car number as the identifier - it can be used while in a traffic jam, to determine the owner and chat with him on twitter.