Where to buy car in the USA

Where to buy car in the USA

Let's start with our beloved Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. Iaai.com is one of the leading North American auctions damaged cars with the largest footprint, and a huge database of buyers. More than 150 trading floors across America and Canada offer buyers and sellers the best solutions for the purchase or sale of damaged, insurance, or used cars, motorcycles and so on.

More than laai taken by car, but also have motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, jet skis, trucks, buses and all other types of equipment, up to child bicycles and electric cars. Laai currently the most open and fair auction. For some lots available immediately Carfax reports are subsequently paid by the buyer. On average, you can save from 30 to 70% on the cost of car repairs.

Auto auctions Copart sells more than a million vehicles a year. Participants from around the world are turning to the Copart company, because every day to the auction exhibit more than 50 thousand Vehicles. Participants can choose from a list of classic cars, old and new car brands, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, watercraft, motor homes, and more. The company has about 140 marketplaces worldwide.

Copart - the largest auction of used cars in the US, and around the world. Along with laai the bulk items - cars, but also have motorcycles and other equipment up to the tractor. Copart is very popular, but around it and a lot of negativity. Many cars are sold under the guise of whole (body parts are mounted), and in fact with serious injuries that are not visible on the photos. Our experience helps to define such items and avoid them. On average, you can save from 30 to 70% on the cost of car repairs.

Manheim - the system of dealer auctions for the sale of entire vehicles. Available up to 50000 cars every day. This system is the largest not only in the US but also in the world. It includes 124 sites located throughout the United States. They sold 50 thousand cars a day. All presented at auction cars – city Manheim Auctions are closed. Access to the auction are only dealers who have received the official accreditation. Cars on auction supply manufacturers, insurance companies, public institutions. Trading in the auction conducted on wholesale price at a very high pace. Prices - not fixed.

Manheim is the legendary auction, access to which is quite difficult to obtain. About him are legendary. In fact, a lot of cars on the auction, but the prices are quite rarely below 20% of the dealer.

Cars.com - the largest American board classified ads for the sale of used cars. More than 11 million shoppers each month. The largest area of ​​dealer and private ads on entire cars. Choice is always a lot for every taste.

Sraigslist.org - in fact, it is from the American board so you can buy anything, including from private owners. Prices are interesting.

Ebay.com – well known auction marketplace to sell anything. The advantages of this auction is to have good photos, quite detailed description, and VIN number to complete the majority of the lots sold. It is also reflected in the description of the current auction and the maximum acceptable price for which the seller is willing to give lot offered for sale without waiting for the auction the average market price.

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